So I will seek out My sheep, and I will rescue them from all places where they have been scattered on a day of clouds and thick darkness.”

The children of Israel were scattered. Ezekiel was there with the exiles off in Babylon, watching from afar as the leaders left in Jerusalem went down a rebellious path. Soon enough, the folks left would end up fleeing to Egypt or parts even further afield. To Ezekiel and the exiles in Babylon, it would have looked like the end of the people.

Yet the LORD makes a promise – even though all are scattered and scattering moreso, He would draw them back to Jerusalem. And indeed, several centuries later, on Mount Calvary in the midst of a day of clouds and thick darkness, where the sun itself was blotted out, the LORD Himself hung upon the Cross to gather His people unto Himself.

Fear and war had scattered people. Fear and war – the old consequences of sin and death. They had been driving people apart and destroying them ever since the days of old Adam. But there, upon the Cross, Jesus puts and end to sin and death, taking them up and destroying them, gathering all His people unto Himself.

We are rescued by Christ. Granted, we still see fear and war, we still feel the impacts of sin and death in our own lives – death’s death-rattles still shake us on occasion. But the LORD came and won us life with His death and resurrection, and He will come again in the clouds to put an end to sin and death for all eternity. Come quickly, O Risen LORD!

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