Go, return on your way…. – 1 Kings 19:15

Elijah’s success had turned to utter disaster. In chapter 18, things were going fantastically well for Elijah. He confronts the wicked king, and then the prophets of Baal are defeated and destroyed at Mount Carmel, and then God sends rain again after over three years. It’s a fantastic day for Elijah.

And then, just like that, he’s running for his life. The wicked king and his wicked queen are still wicked, and Queen Jezebel wants him dead. So Elijah runs. And Elijah lays down and wants to die. But that’s not what God intends for Elijah. And so, after 40 days the LORD appears to Elijah at Mount Horeb.

And there Elijah whines. Just complains about how lousy things are and how good he’s been. It is full on drama time – not a one of you reading have ever complained at your parents about how unfair life is as hard as Elijah does here. And what is the LORD’s response? He doesn’t pat Elijah and say, “there, there.” Nor does He go all gruff and say, “Suck it up.” Instead, the LORD tells Elijah go, back on his way. Go back and do what you ought to be doing – go and live, because it’s going to be alright.

So often we want to judge and evaluate our lives by the moment – if things are great we are elated, but if they are bad we crash hard. And we swing all over the place. And that ride is no fun. But consider what Christ Jesus does for you. He doesn’t make you wait 40 days, but week in and week out He calls you to His House, and there He forgives you, He blesses you and makes His face shine upon you, and then He tells you to go, to live your life, but live your life confident in His love for you.

Jesus has died for you. Your life and its hardships will never get lower than that. Jesus has risen for you, and even the best high in this life isn’t going to top the day when He raises you. Jesus has it all covered, and He has it covered for you. Go and live and enjoy the many gifts and blessings that He gives to you, because in Christ Jesus it really is alright.

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