Take heart, daughter; your faith has made you well.”

Jesus heals two women, two daughters in this lesson – and they are quite different. One is a young girl, the other an adult. One lives in a loving house, the other has been isolated and cut off from everyone because of her illness. One is dead and can’t do anything, the other sneaks on up to Jesus while trying not to bother Him.

Jesus loves and cares for them both. Both are healed. The girl lives, the woman’s flow of blood is stopped. Both these daughters are given life and restored by Jesus. And it’s important to note that Jesus is the One who does this.

We can mishear what Jesus says when He says, “your faith has made you well.” We hear the word “faith” and think it’s a description of us – how strongly or firmly we believe. Jesus is not saying, “because you really, really, really believed.” Rather, Jesus is pointing out that He Himself, the One she had faith IN has saved her.

Both these daughters are healed. And as different as they are, they both have Jesus in common. The girl is dead, she hadn’t been doing anything strongly at all when Jesus healed her. And the woman was shy and timid – wouldn’t even be bold enough to speak to Jesus. She just snuck up on Him. It’s not about how great either of these daughters are – it is how great Jesus is.

Likewise, the question isn’t how “strong” your faith is, or how bold you are, or anything else about “you”. You’re a sinful human being; when you look at yourself you’ll find sin. But Christ Jesus has died for you, He has risen for you, and He has declared that you are forgiven and will rise to everlasting life. He has saved you as well. It’s all about Him.

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