Fear not, Abram, I am your shield.”

Abram had been through the ringer since leaving his homeland back in Genesis 12. Famine, arguments, having to rescue Lot and the kings of Sodom and Gamorrah. The promised land was looking to be rife with difficulties and hardships. And so the LORD comes to Abram and makes a blunt statement – I am your shield.

This is a fantastic promise. All this stuff that you see getting thrown at you and tossed at you, Abram – don’t worry about it. God is your shield – it’s going to hit Him, not you. The LORD will take the brunt of it, not you.

Yet, Abram isn’t pleased. He’s near despondent because he hasn’t got any kids yet. The LORD had said he’d have kids – that he would be made into a great nation in the promised land. And the LORD has Abram look at the stars, says again that Abram will have kids – in the LORD’s time, though.

Of course, Abram would, because one of Abram’s descendants would be Christ Jesus, the LORD Himself. And Jesus would be Abram’s shield most fully. Jesus would provide not just protection from daily troubles, but Jesus would be Abram’s shield (and our shield) against Satan and Sin and Death. Jesus would go to the Cross and there take upon Himself the impact and blow of Sin and Death so that Abram, so that you and I, will live eternally.

When the LORD makes a promise, He means it. And it’s a good promise. Sometimes we get distracted by details or don’t like the timing, but Christ Jesus is your shield, He is your life and your salvation, and that is for eternity. That is true on your best day or on your worst day, for He is faithful and true to you.

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