Renaldo Lapuz, whose eccentric audition on this year’s American Idol has been immortalized on YouTube, is the most recent celebrity to register for Amen! The flamboyant yet likeable audition contestant gave one of the most memorable songs in seven seasons of Idol.


Renaldo, whose personal website joyously proclaims that he is as popular as Elvis, won the hearts of millions with his rendition of an original song, “We’re Brothers Forever.” Now, his office confirms that he not only will be in attendance at Amen, but he will assist the Rev. Kantor Richard Resch in the musical planning of the conference.

In addition to serving as assistant Kantor, Lapuz will also teach the sectionals entitled: “Being Popular for Jesus: Serving the Savior with a Smile” and “American Idolatry: First Commandment Issues with Voting by Phone.”

Space is still available, but act now to join these amazing celebrities in what is sure to be a summer of extreme conferences! Yes! Yes! It shall be so!

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