News of Amen, the 2008 series of conferences for Higher Things, has reached the celebrity elite. Participants in Amen will get to “rub elbows” with some of the rich and famous youth from around the globe.

The most recent registration arrived today, hand-delivered by a naked mole rat! Upon receiving a text message, Conference Director Sandra Ostapowich met her contact at the Bueno Nacho in Loveland, Colorado for the paperwork. Yes, it was none other than Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable.

“We’re delighted to have such distinguished participants,” says Ostapowich. “Actually, we are hoping that Kim will consent to teaching a sectional entitled, ‘Kimmunication of the Gospel: Taking Technology To Task!’”

Ron Stoppable is also planning on teaching “Scriptural Sidekicks: Upholding the Prophet’s Hands.”

Conference Executive Rev. George Borghardt III is still attempting to locate Middleton on the map, to decide which of Amen’s THREE locations would best suit Kim’s and Ron’s budget and transportation needs.

Stay informed of the latest celebrity registrations here at Higher Humor on the front page of Higher Things! 

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