Lydia Perling

  1. You make new friends!
  2. You might only see them once a year but when you make friends who know from the start that you’re Lutheran is fantastic.

  3. The College Conference Volunteers
  4. CCVs are always ready to help you find where you need to go or to give out high fives.

  5. There is so much worship.
  6. Every time you turn around there’s another opportunity to sing a hymn or hang out with a pastor.

  7. You can geek out about hymns.
  8. If you start singing a hymn, people will join in! You can even swap favorite hymns because everyone knows a few.

  9. You learn more about the liturgy.
  10. Going to worship once a week is good but going every few hours is amazing.

  11. Jesus never gets out of your head.
  12. As soon as you arrive at an HT conference, you’re immersed in Jesus until you depart.

  13. You receive forgiveness of sins four times a day!
  14. Your sins are forgiven every time you turn around.

  15. You can ask any question and no one is going to tell you you’re too young for the answer.
  16. At Higher Things there isn’t a huge divide between adults and teens—you can go to any of the breakaway sessions you want. Even when those sessions are about very adult things they’ve been tailor-made for you.

  17. Even if you have some areas of disagreement, you still agree on the really important stuff.
  18. You can have actual, intelligent conversations with people, even when you disagree with them because you both still have Jesus.

  19. Private confession and absolution
  20. Confession and absolution with your pastor or another pastor at the conference is possibly the best thing ever. Take advantage of that opportunity!

Lydia Perling is a member at St. Paul Des Pres, St Louis, Missouri.

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