In light of recent events in South Texas (where I live), I thought this would be the perfect subject to start off with. The hurricane was devastating and destroyed countless homes and hurt more people than we could ever imagine. When we were all catching cabin fever by day four everyone was ready to get out and help. Help by making food, donating supplies, gutting houses, and so many other things. Something I noticed was all of the college-aged students showing off the way they helped and then sticking some random bible verse on it about how they were doing it for God and that since they volunteered God had their back next time.

That’s just not how it works, folks. Who are we really trying to impress? God or our friends? Our friends are the ones commenting on our Instagram post and replying to our Snapchat story. Of course, it’s great to get out and help our neighbor. I mean, “Love thy neighbor as thy self” and what not. However, when that’s the case, we probably are not doing it to help our neighbor, especially if we are searching for praise afterward. The only thing we are doing then is trying to convince everyone else we are better than them. This is more than just the whole Harvey Fiasco this is something we as sinners do daily.

It’s fun to get involved in an organization, and obviously advertising things we do is a way to get others to join whatever it is your organization does. However, if we are simply joining an organization to try to show everyone how awesome we are, and how great all of these things we are doing are, we’re not doing it as a work of the Holy Spirit, but to boost the way we appear to others. Maybe we think if we go out and join an organization dedicated to serving others God will help us out. But, God does not have our back here and there, He has our back every moment of every day. It’s simple, look at the word, God does not say, “Do good things and then I’ll help you.” No. Our sanctification is done. We are on a path that God leads us down. His Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. [Psalm 119:105] We as sinners constantly veer off this path and God as our Shepherd guides us back. He is ever-present and unfailing. He sent His Son to die for us and rise again. He is our Salvation. We are baptized and it is done because of the death and resurrection of Christ on the cross.

Our works are done by the Holy Spirit within us. We do good things because we are guided to good works by God, not because it saves us a little more. Christ will do the work within and through us. We do not boast then in the good we do but we are humbled and lead forward continuously by our Heavenly Father so that we may help and love our neighbor.


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