The 2014 Higher Things conference was my first ever conference and since I had such an amazing time then, I had very high expectations for this year. And I have to say, my expectations were exceeded!

I absolutely loved the services we had throughout the day! It was great to have a service in the morning and in the afternoon—they really helped me touch base with Christ amidst all of the learning sessions, games, and other various activities. The services flowed well and the music was absolutely beautiful. The pastors’ sermons were captivating and most importantly, they included both the Law and the Gospel.

The hardest part of this conference was picking which breakaway sessions to go to! There were so many opportunities to learn about the Word of God but unfortunately I could only attend a select few. Every session I attended was excellent and enlightening. You could tell the pastors really knew what they were talking about and backed up all of their facts with specific passages from the Bible. If I had to pick a favorite I would pick Pastor Riley’s “God’s Love for Unlovable People.” This session shed a whole new light on how I view various characters throughout the Bible. I only wish time permitted me to listen to all of the breakaway sessions.

After spending the day learning the Word of God it was nice to be able to relax, have fun, and socialize on the Colorado State campus. They had an activity for everyone! My personal favorite was the talent competition—talented youth entertained me with music, magic, and even a bit of dancing! I thought it was ingenious to have teams that you were able to win points for because it really introduced me to new people and added a great level of competition to the conference. Whether you are artistic, musical, or athletic, there was a way to contribute to your team.

I strongly encourage youth all around the country to attend this well-rounded conference. I didn’t think it was possible for the conference staff to top the Wisconsin conference I attended two years ago, but they truly have outdone themselves!

This article was written by “Natalie,” a member at Trinity Lutheran Church in New Haven, Missouri. Rev. Jacob Ehrhard serves as her pastor.

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