by Aaron Fenker

Today is Jubilate Sunday, the fourth Sunday of Easter. Jubilate comes from the Latin Introit for today – “Make a joyful noise.” Earlier in the Church Year we had other joy-filled Sundays: Advent 3 – Gaudete, and Lent 4 – Laetare. The joy on those Sundays was for something yet to come (Christmas and Good Friday/Easter), but now, in the heart of the Easter Season, our joy is made complete.

Our joy is complete in Christ. We “make our joyful noise” this day because Christ has been raised from the dead! Formerly the Introits called us to rejoice, but now we are called to “make a joyful noise.” Formerly, our joyful noise was kept in check by preparation of things to come, but since we are always redeemed we can still rejoice. But now in Easter no somberness chains out lips, and out Alleluias – our “joyful noise” – leap forth to Him who is risen never to die again.

Formerly there was sadness, but now gladness. Formerly death, now life. Formerly sin, now redemption. Formerly “yet to come,” but now “has been.” Formerly silence, now Alleluia!

Today our mouths that open to make a joyful noise also open to receive the very true and present body and blood of Christ for the forgiveness of our sins and the preservation of our bodies and souls. Our hearts that are filled with joy were first filled with Christ at our Baptisms. Our ears that ring with Easter’s empty tomb truth of Good Friday’s “It is finished” now, with joy, receive into the the Absolution of sins and the preached Word.

Four weeks ago Christ died and rose from the dead, and now we make our joyful noise for the many and various ways he gives the fruits of those events – forgiveness, life, and salvation – in the Font, Keys, and Supper. Jubilate – Make a joyful noise! Christ is risen; He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

Aaron Fenker resides in Cincinnati, OH. He is studying for the Office of the Holy Ministry and will begin his second semester of seminary studies in the Fall at Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne.

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