Gospel in the ears
of our youth

Since our beginning nearly 20 years ago, the mission of Higher Things has been to support the church in passing on the faith by teaching the next generation the Gospel of Jesus Christ: that they are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, as revealed in Scripture alone. Dear friends, there are 86 million kids in Generation Z who have not yet been reached. That’s 86 million opportunities for us to share Jesus! Higher Things is committed to being the organization that delivers the Gospel, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for the benefit of youth, young adults, parents, pastors, and church workers.

“I strongly believe we’ve done our youth a disservice by treating them as children. They’re young adults and they’re not looking for dumbed down theology that lacks substance.They want to learn about Christ and Him crucified.”

Stan Lemon (Former HT Youth) Seymour, IN

“While youth enjoy being entertained, they will lock on to the higher and deeper things if given the opportunity. Youth will rise to whatever level you set the bar.”

Rev. William Cwirla (President Emeritus of HT) Hacienda Heights, CA

“Higher Things is giving our youth a faith they can grow into, not out of.”

Rev. Sam Schuldheisz (pastor) Milton, WA

“The sermons are short, but are probably the best that I have ever heard. It’s all pretty jam-packed with Jesus. Higher Things (conference) is super awesome and you should definitely check it out next summer - you won’t be disappointed!”

Jared Timm (youth) Sauk Rapids, MN

“The breakaways are a great opportunity because you learn a lot, and they even made me change my opinion on some things.”

Cassidy Ferguson (youth) Houston, TX

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