Trust in The Lord and Rely Not on Your Own Understanding

With all of these natural disasters happening it simply seems fitting to talk about how God reveals himself in these tough times. We all want to talk about how bad the (insert natural disaster [...]

Children of the Heavenly Father – Gospeled Boldly #60

In this solo one-shot, Pastor Eric Brown shares some stories from his own life as he talks about the vocation of being a student, in the context of the Greatest Commandment.

Episode 1 – Troubled Consciences

What's The Black Cloister all about? What's theology all about? Theology isn't meaningless categories and distinctions that's only for pastors or seminary professors. Theology [...]

To Help and Serve Our Neighbor

In light of recent events in South Texas (where I live) I thought this would be the perfect subject to start off with. The hurricane was devastating and destroyed countless homes and hurt more [...]

Why Should We Sing?

Since the beginning of the Reformation, the Lutheran Church around the world has consistently allotted a portion of time during the Divine Service to the singing of hymns. Why?

“Rise and go your way; your faith has saved you.” A Meditation on Luke 17:19

Ten lepers get healed, but only one comes back to praising God and thanking Jesus, and from there we have gotten thousands of finger wagging sermons telling us to be more thankful like the good leper.

Everybody Must Get Stoned – Gospeled Boldly #59

In this episode Pastor Eric Brown and Thomas Lemke read of the martyrdom of St. Stephen, which kicks off the Christian diaspora as the message of the Gospel is carried to all the surrounding nations.

Episode 01: Martin Luther – Commentary on Psalm 118:17

The first episode of the HT podcast from Pr. Riley and Pr. Gillespie: AS LUTHERAN AS IT GETS. In our inaugural episode, we delve deep into Luther's letter/commentary on Psalm 118:17.