Son of My Left Hand – Gospeled Boldly #52

Cut his concubine into pieces, this was his last resort… In this episode, Pastor Eric Brown and Thomas Lemke finish the book of Judges.

Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful – A Meditation on Luke 6:36

Sinful people like to turn the blessings God has given them into idols. It's sort of our sinful heart's go to thing to do. Consider the parable of the banquet. The master has offered one [...]

Visitation – A Meditation on Luke 1:39-56

The Magnificat, Mary's Song given when she visits Elizabeth, is utterly wonderful, and yet I wonder if sometimes it isn't misunderstood. I wonder if sometimes we don't view it through a veil of [...]

HT Video Short – It’s Conference Time!

The newest HT Video Short - It's conference time!

Who Was Martin Luther? Part 26

This week we examine how Luther's debate with Cajetan and other events in Augsburg served to put Luther in even greater danger.

2017 Conference Shirt Thanks

See a sneak peak of this summer's conference t-shirts!

Episode 77: The Conference Edition

This week, the Pastor Riley is joined by a special guest, media executive Aaron Fenker, as they discuss what the summer HT conferences are all about.

Concord #22: Good Works (part 3)

Although this doctrine is despised by the inexperienced, nevertheless God-fearing and anxious consciences find by experience that it brings the greatest consolation, because consciences cannot be [...]

Episode 76: The Forsaken God

This week, Pastor Riley and Kate examine the meaning of Christ's two natures in His sacrifice for us on the cross.

Turning Blessings into Idols

I'm guessing you probably want to be successful. End up with a big house, nice cars, all that sort of stuff. I'm guessing you probably don't want to end up a beggar.