Episode 64: U is for Uncomfortable

This week the fantastic four discuss what happens when we encounter fake theology on social media. How do we decide what is true, good theology? The internet is full of different teachings, [...]

Call the wambulance – The Largely Catechized Life #29

I love reading about Luther complain. He whines about the exact same things we do. This is great news.

If You are the Son of God – A Meditation on Matthew 4:6

Satan knows perfectly well who Jesus is. He's not approaching Jesus trying to figure out who or what He is. Satan is operating with a flawed view of what it means to be God.

Does College Make It Too Challenging to Be Lutheran?

College campuses and Christianity are not two words I would put together very often. With our society increasingly moving towards ‘post-truth’ where no one can state objective truths, Christians [...]

With great power comes great responsibility – The Largely Catechized Life #28

Parents, listen up. God gives you incredible authority. He has promised to work through you. This isn’t so you can serve yourself. You can serve the people God gives you better than anyone else. [...]

None of These Things – A Meditation on Luke 18:34

Jesus Christ is not your fairy godmother. He's not a genie in a bottle or a falling star to wish upon. He's not in the business of wish fulfillment.

Reflections for Lent 2017 Now Available

Higher Things presents the next set of Daily Reflections for the season of Lent, Ash Wednesday through Holy Saturday, March 1st, 2017 through April 15, 2017. Reflections are available as a [...]

I’ll Tell You… in Song! – Gospeled Boldly #43

In this episode Pastor Eric Brown and Thomas Lemke read the song of Deborah, offering notes on the text, and observations on the place of victory tunes in times past.