Lent 2016 Reflections Now Available

Higher Things announces the 2016 Lent and Holy Week Reflections! These daily devotions deliver the Good News of the Savior who went to Calvary for you. Download them today!

The Parable of the Boss Who Paid Workers Who Didn’t Work

Pr. Borghardt teaches us that the Parable of the Workers in the Field is a parable full of Gospel. The owner of the Vineyard pays everyone a days wage, even those hired right at the end of the [...]

Gesimas, Pre-Lent and Adding Stuff for Lent

On today's HT Video Short, Pr. Borghardt teaches us about Pre-Lent: The Gesima Sundays. Pre-Lent is a warm up for the Lenten Fast. Pr. Borghardt also suggests that you add something for Lent.

Episode 18: Is it Blasphemy if it’s True?

In this episode, Pastor Brown and Thomas examine the fallout from Jesus' claim of one-ness with the Father. Is it bragging (or blasphemy) if it's true? Then, they begin to move through the story [...]

Episode 20: Social Justice, Politics, and the Church

These days, many Christians are not only politically active but so are Christian congregations, and even entire church bodies. It can be confusing for many people because stances on both sides of [...]

Things Happen for a Reason

God never promised that life would be easy. He didn't promise earthly happiness. He promised His Presence. "Lo, I am with you always," in the Supper and in the waters.

Episode 19: Atheism and the Gods Christians Don’t Believe In Either

Has atheism changed in the last generation or so? It used to be that atheists tended to be more angry and militant about their lack of belief. But now it seems that a lot of people are [...]

Christ and the Church: The Eternal Image of Heaven

The picture of the church is a glorious one. God's holiness, as manifest before Moses in the burning bush and in the temple before Isaiah, is full of perfection, power, and loving-kindness. It [...]

The Catechized Life: Second Article of the Apostle’s Creed

Today on The Catechized Life, Pr. Matt Richard covers the Second Article of the Creed. Sin corrupted the very good Creation of God. All of our sin was put upon Christ. He lived the perfect life [...]

The Catechized Life: First Article of Creation and Evolution?

In this episode of the Catechized Life, Pr. Matt Richard continues to teach on the Apostles' Creed. Today he compares and contrasts creationism and evolutionary theory.