Pot and Its Use

In today's episode, Pastor Borghardt talks about the legalization of marijuana and its use. Should Christians use it even if it's legal?

HT Video Catechism – Ep. 62: The Table of Duties, To Youth

Pastor Buetow teaches on the gift of humility given in the vocation of "youth" in the Video Catechism's continuation of the Table of Duties.

The Catechized Life: The Gift of Your Life

This week on The Catechized Life, Pr. Matt Richard teaches us about the gift of life. At the root of the 5th Commandment is the hatred of our fellow man.

Unplanned Parenthood

I can't think of a gentle way to describe the shock that goes through the mind of a young woman when she discovers she's pregnant. For me, it was a mixture of fear and shame and guilt; those [...]

Episode 9: Care and Feeding of Christians

Not that long ago, "pastoral care" meant the same thing as basic psychological therapy. A lot of Christians believe that going to church will make a person's life better, and pastors may be [...]

When He Speaks, He Gets Things Done

Jesus has brought the spiritual authority to forgive sins to earth. The eternal Son of God has come into the body in order to suffer in the body. On the cross, He suffers the punishments for the [...]

Sex, Gender and Identity

The world can be a very confusing place. Jesus even said that the devil is the ruler of this fallen order, so of course it's a confusing place. The devil is a deceiver. He is the Father of lies. [...]

Episode 9: The Bread of Life

In this episode, Pastor and Thomas talk at length about Jesus' back and forth with the Jews on bread - specifically the Bread of Life. We also discuss the meaning of Jesus' meeting of the [...]