Stop Talking Dirty When Talking About the 6th Commandment

Today on HTV, Pr. Borghardt teaches us that the 6th Commandment is about Christ and the gifts of God, not how close we can get to a line without crossing it.

HT Video Catechism – Ep. 38: Confession, Part 1

What is confession? Pastor Buetow teaches from the Catechism as well as explaining what sins we should confess.

Second Ending of Mark

Pr. Borghardt teaches us about the second ending of Mark. When did appear as part of Mark? Did Mark write it? Does this mean we can't trust scripture?

The Hyperbolic Goodness of the Gospel

See the Gospel in all of its sweetness! Just when you think you know how good the Gospel really is, Rev. Borghardt reminds us of how truly outrageous the promises of God are!

I’m Confirmed, Now What?

You wore the robe. Got your picture taken with pastor. You're done! Graduated. Or are you? Pr. Borghardt teaches us that the Confirmation Rite is just the beginning of Confirmation.

Theological Hobby Horses

Today on HTV, Pr. Borghardt talks about Theological Hobby Horses in Lutheranism and how they get in the way of receiving the Gospel.

Jubilate! Jesus Turns Tears into Joy Sunday

Today on HTV, Pr. Borghardt teaches us about Jesus turning tears to joy as we rejoice in Jubilate Sunday!

Higher Things® Development Executive

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St. Mark

Today we rejoice in the gift of St. Mark and his Gospel account.

Life is Eternal

Yesterday we talked about Life being too short. Today, Pr. Borghardt teaches us that this life is also eternal.