Words that Work Forgiveness

by The Rev. Mark T. Buetow Sometimes words are just information. For example: I could tell you I had Steak 'n Shake for lunch last week. Or that Washington crossed the Delaware on a cold, [...]

The Last Day!

Not THE Last Day, but the last day to register for the 2008 Higher Things "Amen" conferences has arrived!

Not Ashamed: Now for Adults Too!

Big kids of all ages, want a chance to learn with your kids? Adults are invited to attend the catechetical sessions and listen to the speakers at the "Not Ashamed" retreat and to learn about [...]

Upcoming Retreats

Information for the 2008 Upcoming Retreats.

Upcoming Retreats

Information for the 2008 Upcoming Retreats.

Eli Stone – Because He’s Getting “Faith”

by Kimberly Grams I’m merrily skipping the commercials on my DVR back in January, and I see an ad for a show where a guy has a vision of George Michael performing the ‘80’s hit “Faith” ON HIS [...]

Day of Rest and Restoration

by The Rev. Randy Asburry Holy Thursday brought a small burst of joy. As we finished Lent and entered the Holy Three Days, we heard the readings of the Passover, the Lord's Supper, and Jesus [...]

The Lamb is Pierced

by The Rev. Mark Buetow Dear Christians, on this Friday called "Good," rejoice in the blood and water that streams from Jesus' side. The Lamb is pierced. And "it is finished." There is nothing [...]

The Great Gift of Holy Communion

by The Rev. Todd A. Peperkorn We have gathered here on this most solemn night of the year to be with our Lord, to remember His suffering, death, and resurrection, and to reflect on the gifts [...]

What’s going on?

by The Rev. Jonathan Naumann This morning we will meditate upon the Gospel according to St. John, where we are told that '...the great crowd that had come for the Feast (of the Passover) heard [...]