For You: Ridgecrest and the Biltmore!

Howdy! That’s how we say “Hello!” in the South! We are happy to unveil a new section of our FOR YOU site set aside for North Carolina Free Time Information.  Check it out here!  [...]

All Saints’ Tide Reflections

“Blessed are you…” our Lord says to us.  And blessed we are once again to receive the gift of the Gospel delivered to us for our daily devotion in another season of Higher [...]

Congratulations Cards Fans!

Congratulations Cardinals Fans!!! What a great series, played by two great teams! In the end though, only one team could take the series, and so I extend some serious props to five well-played [...]

Plano, TX – Higher Things Lockin

Howdy y’all! Higher Things Retreats is excited to share with you a great lockin in Plano, TX at Faith Lutheran Church. If you’re in the greater Dallas area, or even if you’re [...]

Higher Things Retreats

The brand new Higher Things Retreats section of the web site is now up and ready for you to check out! As you may have noticed the Discussion and Resources section of our site have been merged to [...]

Fall Issue in the Mail

Watch for your mailman, because the newest Higher Things has left the building! Be sure to look for articles by our two new catechists for the upcoming For You conferences. Pastor Brent Kuhlmann [...]

Go Tigers!

I have sat back and watched as other folks involved with Higher Things have rooted for the Cards as well as the Mets, and I haven’t said a thing… but tonight… I’m rooting [...]

The Answer to Every Question….

It’s Here!  It’s Here!  Internet Services is very excited to unveil our new FAQ.  Our “Frequently Asked Questions” page is here!  It’s new.  It’s wonderful!  [...]

St. Michael’s Tide (Part II)

“ A disciple of Jesus goes where Jesus is. In Christ’s church, the Christian has all that he needs to have eternal life, given from the gracious hand of God through his pastor. That [...]