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  • "Pushing Daisies" Or Pushing Beliefs? last edited on 02/05/2008
  • Crazy Days and Crazy Hair last edited on 02/23/2008
  • Diary of an American Idol Junkie last edited on 02/05/2008
  • Diary of an American Idol Junkie – Volume 4 last edited on 05/23/2008
  • Diary of An American Idol Junkie: Volume 2 last edited on 03/12/2008
  • Eli Stone – Because He’s Getting “Faith” last edited on 03/26/2008
  • Talent on Loan from God last edited on 09/16/2008
  • The Gospel and “So You Think You Can Dance” last edited on 08/15/2008
  • TrueBlood last edited on 06/12/2012
  • TrueBlood last edited on 07/10/2012

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