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Dating, Relationships, and THAT
April 18, 2015

Have you ever been in love? Did your heart race? Did the other person love you too? Is he the one? Is she? What if they don’t love you? What if you never love anyone? And then, there’s that, you know . . . THAT thing that God wants only in marriage. What does the Bible say about dating? What does it say about love? What about this courtship thing everyone is talking about? Is it okay not to marry? Has God cursed me with being alone? Wow, that’s a lot of questions! Can they be answered in the span of a single retreat? Let’s see!

Pastor Borghardt serves Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in McHenry, IL. He is the President of Higher Things

When: April 18, 2015

Where: St. John Lutheran Church - Berlin, WI

$15 per person Advance Registration
$20 per person Walk-In Registration

RSVP: via online registration at higherthings.org/retreats/registrations

Dakotah Pike - 254-768-3065 or dakotah.pike@cuaa.edu
or Patrick Sturdivant - Higher Things Retreat Coordinator retreats@higherthings.org or (888) 482-6630

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