August 26, 2008 - Tuesday of the 14th Week after Trinity

Today's Reading: Proverbs 4:10-23

Daily Lectionary: 1 Kings 8:22-30, 46-63; 2 Corinthians 4:1-18

For [My words] are life to those who find them, And health to all their flesh. (Proverbs 4:22)

In the Name + of Jesus. Amen. The Book of Proverbs is all about “wisdom.” But “wisdom” doesn't mean the same thing to a Christian as it does to the world. To the world, being “wise” means being knowledgeable, having “life experience,” perhaps even possessing “street smarts.” For the world, wisdom is all about how to get along in the world. For the Christian, wisdom is all about Jesus and His Word.

The Word of God gives life. The Lord's commandments show us the way of blessed living. Yet, when we break them and show our sin, the Word is still there with life, the comforting word of the forgiveness of sins for Jesus' sake. The Word of God teaches us how to glorify God and love our neighbor. The Word of God saves us from our sins. To hear the Words of Jesus is to be rescued from our sins.

The Words of the Gospel that teach us that Jesus died for our sins give us life. The word and water at the font mark us as children of the heavenly Father. The words of Holy Absolution declare that our sins are forgiven before God in heaven. The Word in the flesh of Jesus' body and blood means that He lives in us and we in Him. All of these words of Jesus promise that our sins are forgiven and that we will rise on the Last Day.

Just as the words of Jesus cleansed the leper, so the Words of life and salvation that Jesus gives rescue us from our sinful flesh and give us true health: everlasting life. Cling to those Words of Jesus. Believe them. Hold on to them. Trust in them. For those Words of Jesus are your life and health. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.

God's Word is our great heritage And shall be ours forever; To spread its light from age to age Shall be our chief endeavor. Through life it guides our way, In death it is our stay. Lord, grant while worlds endure, We keep its teachings pure Throughout all generations. (LSB 582)