June 10, 2008 - Tuesday in the Third Week after Trinity

Today's Reading: Micah 7:18-20

Daily Lectionary: Proverbs 8:22-36; John 13:1-20

Who is a God like you, pardoning iniquity and passing over transgression for the remnant of his inheritance?” (Micah 7:18-20)

What kind of a God do you have, dear Christian? Be careful how you answer that. Or better, be careful WHY.

Almost all religious people say they have a good and gracious God. They say they have a loving God. They say that, as they go about their lives of almost total disregard for what God says and does in Jesus.

But that’s OK, they think, because God knows we’re not perfect, and He knows that we’re trying, and as long as we’re not all that bad – or not being all that bad to others – He’s happy. He’s a loving God like that.

Dear Christian, that is NOT the God you have!

The God you have gave you the Ten Commandments. By them, you learn to recognize the sins you should confess and avoid. You learn the good you ought to do for others, and how often you fall short of that.

The God who is, means for all of that to rip whatever religious rug you may be standing on right out from under you.

That rug of, “Well, nobody’s perfect”? RIP! That rug of, “I’m not really all that bad”? RIP! That rug of, “God can see that I believe in Him, and just as long as He can see I’m trying, He’ll get me the rest of the way”? RIP!

The God who is means to rip ALL that away from you. In its place He gives you Jesus – His Only Son in place of you and all your religious rugs.

Christ in the Flesh and Christ on the Cross dying your death. Christ risen from the grave and poured over you in Holy Baptism. Christ spoken into your ears for your forgiveness and feeding you His Body and His Blood in bread and wine for your salvation.

THAT’S the only rug you’ve got. It’s the only foundation God won’t tear to shreds, but means for you to stand on.

Be sure of the God you have because of Jesus and His Gospel. Because of Him, you can be sure that God pardons your iniquity and passes by your sins. He forgives. That’s the kind of God He is. How do you know? Well, just look at Jesus and all He does and says and gives. Amen

Lord, on You I cast my burden – Sink it in the deepest sea! Let me know Your gracious pardon, Cleanse me from iniquity. Let Your Spirit leave me never; Make me only Yours forever. (LSB 608:4)