March 1, 2013 - Friday of Reminiscere

Today's Reading: Romans 5:1-5

Daily Lectionary: Genesis 24:32-52,61-67; Mark 8:1-21

Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. (Romans 5:1)

In the Name + of Jesus. Amen. “Reminiscere. Remember me, Lord.” Peace with God. God is not your enemy. He's not out to get you. He won't punish you for your sins. He's not going to cast you into hell. The war is over. There is a truce. He's brought you to His side to heal and restore you.

It's easy to forget we have peace with God. Our conscience in particular might bother us because of what we've said or thought or done. We may struggle with our own sins and the sins of others. It's like a battle and we wish we were at peace. That's because we forget that Jesus did indeed come to bring us peace with God.

Jesus brings peace with God by transferring the Lord's wrath against sin from us to Himself. Calvary is like a lightning rod that steals away what you had coming and directs it to Jesus, killing Him for your sins. But His resurrection proves that He has remembered His promise to take away your sins and be your Savior. He did what He came to do and it's a done deal.

When we forget we have peace with God, we act like He's our enemy when He's not. He can never be because of Jesus. Therefore He gives you reminders. The cross and name of your baptism. Absolution. Preaching and the Supper. These are His declarations that He has indeed achieved peace between Him and you and that He doesn't remember your sins. It's the reminder for us, who forget, that the war is over. God is not our enemy. He's not against us but for us. Always.

As St. Paul says, we have hope because the Spirit has been poured into us. By sermon and sacraments the Lord declares, “We are at peace.” In the Name of Jesus. Amen.

Come in sorrow and contrition, Wounded, impotent, and blind; Here the guilty, free remission, Here the troubled, peace may find. Health this fountain will restore; They that drink shall thirst no more. (Come to Calvary's Holy Mountain, LSB 435:3)

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