Monday of the First Week of Lent

Today's Reading: Genesis 3:1-21

Daily Lectionary: Genesis 6:1-7:5; Mark 3:1-19

"But the Lord God called to the man and said to him, 'Where are you?'"

(Genesis 3:9)

In the Name + of Jesus. Amen. You can't hide from God. Adam couldn't and you can't, either. You think you can. I do, too. We commit our sins, we live our lives as if there is no God. But sooner or later, God shows up, and then it's time to hide.

You can't cover your sins. They will uncover themselves. You can't lie your way around them. They will be exposed. You can't run from them, they will catch you. Even if you get away with them, eventually you will die and stand before God. And you can't hide from God.

The Lord God knew where Adam was. He knew what he had done. He knew what was going to happen because of what Adam had done. He knew everything. God even knew what He was going to do to make it better.

The Lord calls to Adam to save him. He confronts him about what he has done to take on what he has done. God plans on saving Adam by taking on Adam's flesh to redeem all flesh in Jesus.

A Seed of Adam's wife will crush the head of the serpent and be struck when He does. Satan will be done in.

That's Jesus! He beats Satan on the Cross. After keeping all that God requires of you, He dies for all that God has against you. On the third day, Jesus rises from the dead. Death is undone. Satan is defeated. Now you live in Him.

Today, give up covering your sins. You don't have to hide them any longer. No fig leaf can conceal what you have done, anyway.

Confess your sins to God or to your pastor. Be freed from them. Don't justify them. They really are as bad as you think they are. They are worse. They separate you from God. They make a wreck of your relationships with others.

God calls you out of your sins to save you from them. He's given you this devotion to nudge you to repentance. Christ died. Your sins died with Him. He rose. You live in Him--freed from hiding from God and free to live before God forgiven. In the Name + of Jesus. Amen.

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