Monday of the 17th Week after Trinity

Today's Reading: Proverbs 25:6-14

Daily Lectionary: Deuteronomy 8:1-20; Matthew 10:24-42

Debate your case with your neighbor, And do not disclose the secret to another; (Proverbs 25:9)

In the Name + of Jesus. Amen. It's just between you and your friend, that little disagreement--until you complain about it to your other friends. Now everyone knows and it's a mess. Perhaps you should have followed the Word of God which says not to blab about stuff to others! If only we could stop sinning just like that!

When the Lord looks at your sins, what does He do? Blab them all over? Broadcast them for all to know and see? No, we do a good enough job of that for ourselves and others! Rather, what the Lord does with our sins is hide them. Cover them up. Forget them.

Jesus came, not to expose our sins, but to die for them. Not to point them out and mock us but to shed His blood to pay for them. He didn't come to tell everyone else about what's wrong with you. He came to trade places with you and take your sins away. The salvation Christ brings is all about God NOT arguing with us over our sins and NOT spreading gossip about them, but just getting rid of them.

Now, you're baptized. Your sins are washed away. They're gone --not displayed for all to see. So why on earth would you want to take what is between you and another person and spread it around for everyone else to get involved? Why would you do that to your friend? Well, because you're a sinner, that's why.

But you're also a baptized child of God. That means the Spirit works through that Word to call your attention to what you've done and why it's bad--it hurts someone else. And that same Holy Spirit works through that same Word and water and Body and Blood to turn you in repentance from such cruelty to faith and trust in Christ. And there, learning that the Lord has put away your sins, you learn to put away the sins of others.

True wisdom from God's Word isn't just that we learn to keep things to ourselves. It's that we learn that such a life flows from the forgiveness we have for our Savior's sake. In the Name + of Jesus. Amen.

Lord, let me win my foes With kindly words and actions, And let me find good friends For counsel and correction. Help me, as You have taught, To love both great and small And by Your Spirit's might To live in peace with all. (O God, My Faithful God, LSB 696:4)

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