Episode 134: May 6th, 2011

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Peace be with you! Pr. Borghardt and his surprise side-kick Jon Kohlmeier have a lot of fun in Episode 134 of HT-Radio. During the first half they are joined by Rev. John Drosendahl as they continue the Easter Celebration with Gospel reading on Doubting Thomas. Then, there are lots of questions to be answered in the second half. Is Pr. Borghardt's candle worth the price? Does Jon Kohlmeier have to ride his bike to Coram Deo this year? What was up with the Royal Wedding? Why were all the women wearing hats? Sandra Ostapowich is the only person who comes to mind who might have answers to these questions. Listen in to hear her answers.

Madre's Missives: Hats and other Headcoverings