Tennessee Conference News


Grace to you and peace from God our Father and from our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!

Things are really heating up! We are entering our final month of registration for the Given Conference. Registration for our Tennessee Conference is almost two-thirds full!

A few weeks ago, we became concerned that we would be unable to serve the number of youth that the Lord was giving us for this conference.. Not wanting to turn anyone away from the conference, our staff began to seek out other alternatives.

Changing a venue in the middle of a conference season is a pretty serious matter. We didn't take it lightly. Groups that were registered were contacted preparing them for a possible venue change. We didn't want to inconvenience any group. We wanted to make sure everyone was informed. Most importantly, we didn't want to leave anyone out of the opportunity to be given to by the Lord at a Higher Things Conference.

Higher Things is very excited to announce that our Tennessee Conference venue has changed! Our Tennessee Conference will be at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. The dates remain the same (July 6-9, 2010). The state does too! And the Gospel - it'll be in the ears of even more kids!

Registration is now! It's still open for both conferences. While Tennessee is almost full, there is plenty of room in Utah! For more conference information, please check out the website. For questions, please email us at conferences@higherthings.org.

We can't wait to be given to by the Lord in Nashville! We'll see you there!

In Christ,
Rev. George F. Borghardt III
Conference Executive
Higher Things, Inc.

Given Conference registration is in its final month and our Tennessee Conference is almost two-thirds full! There is still time to register your group!