Stump the Pastor: Across America

As many of you know Pastor Borghardt, host of HT-Radio, accepted a Divine Call to serve as Pastor of Zion Lutheran Church in McHenry, IL. On November 1st Pastor Borghardt will be packing up his family and leaving Texas on a three day road trip to Illinois. We thought it'd be fun to take our HT-Radio segment Stump the Pastor with Pastor Borghardt as he drives a moving truck across America!

Each night of the trip we'll post short video clips of Pastor Borghardt answering your questions while he drives his moving truck! We won't tell him what the questions are before they are asked and the video will be completely candid. You can send us your questions on Twitter or by e-mail All question submissions will be completely anonymous and the more difficult they are the better!

We'll post the videos on YouTube and Facebook and link to them on our website. Plus, during the trip we'll be talking about Jesus from our twitter account @StumpThePastor

Keep an eye out for our Stump the Pastor videos at these sites: