Spring 2015 Magazine: Hot Off The Presses!

We are excited to announce the release of the Spring 2015 issue of Higher Things® Magazine!

This issue is an awesome topical issue of Higher Things® Magazine on The Proper Distinction Between the Law and the Gospel! The distinction between the Law and the Gospel is how we Dare to Be Lutheran® when preaching, teaching, reading, and hearing God's Word. Properly distinguishing between these two parts of doctrine helps us to understand the Bible in such a way that we are made aware of our sinfulness (via the Law) and given the Good News that we have a Savior in Jesus Christ (the Gospel). The articles in this issue begin with defining what we mean by "the Law" and "the Gospel" and then move toward seeing how the Law and the Gospel work in our lives as Christians, in church and in the home. We'll also look at some of the mistakes and errors that arise when the Law and the Gospel are not properly distinguished. It's another great Christcentered issue of Higher Things® Magazine and we hope it will be a blessing to you as you Dare to Be Lutheran in your life as a child of God!

In This Issue:

  • Hung Up on the Law - Rev. Mark Buetow
  • The Hyperbolic Goodness of the Gospel - Rev. George Borghardt
  • 3D Law - Rev. William Cwirla
  • This Life Is Edited for Content - Rev. Donavon Riley
  • Looking for Assurance in All the Wrong Places - Rev. Jonathan Fisk
  • The Lord's Supper IS the Gospel! - Rev. Brent Kuhlman
  • Law and Gospel: The Deadly Mix - Rev. Timothy Pauls
  • The Devil Loves Your Good Words - Rev. Craig Donofrio
  • Law and Gospel in the Home - Rev. John Drosendahl
  • The First Commandment - Rev. William Cwirla

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