Something about Baptism - November 11-12, 2011

The Word of God is what makes baptism Baptism. Without the Word, the water is simple water and no baptism. You're just all wet. But with the Word of God, it is a Baptism, a gracious life-giving water and a washing of new birth in the Holy Ghost. The water doesn't do anything on its own, it's the Word of God which is in and with the water. And faith trusts that word of God in the water.

Spend a couple of days learning about the Word with the water of Baptism from Rev. Mark Buetow. Pastor Buetow serves Bethel Lutheran Church in DuQuoin, IL and is the Media Executive for Higher Things, Inc.

When: November 11-12, 2011
Cost: $40 per person (includes overnight at the church, 3 meals and a snack)
RSVP: Zion Lutheran Church - 4206 West Elm Street, McHenry, IL
For more information contact: Rev. George Borghardt at (815) 385-0859 or
or Sandra Ostapowich at

Registration opens on September 1. Register and pay online at or fill out the forms and snail mail them to Zion Lutheran Church.

Download the information packet here