Higher Things Retreats News

Hey Hey!  Guess what?  Exciting things are happening inside of Higher Things!  Yes, Registration is open for GIVEN in Utah and Tennessee!  Get your groups registered now!

But, there’s more! In the past, HT Retreats have given youth from all over the United States the opportunity to worship and rejoice in the crucified and risen Jesus in their own community.  They have been a great way to supplement the learning and fun of Higher Things and are also a great way to introduce youth that have not previously attended a summer conference to Higher Things and our mission of supporting parents, congregations, pastors, and teachers in encouraging our youth in their Lutheran heritage.

So that we can better serve the needs of the youth around the country, Higher Things is reorganizing how we do our regional retreats.  Retreats are now going to be a part of Higher Things Conferences.

What’s changing?  Nothing on the outside - same great worship and teaching that you’d expect from Higher Things!

But, in order to serve you better, Higher Things has merged the areas of Retreats and Conferences.  I have been given the task of overseeing Higher Things’ Conferences and Retreats! Wow!

Mrs. Gina Pruis, who coordinated our Sola Conferences, will be coordinating our regional retreats.  We’re very excited to have Gina working on this task!   You can expect the same structure that you’ve seen in the conferences in our retreats.  Cool, eh?

Mrs. Sandra Ostapowich, who coordinated FOR YOU and AMEN, will be coordinating the GIVEN conferences.  You’ve already gotten some emails from her, haven’t you?  So you already knew that...but I just thought I’d let you know!

First, things first!  We want to hear from you!  How can we do better with our regional retreats?  Would you like a regional retreat in your area? 

Please send your comments and suggestions concerning our retreats to  retreats@higherthings.org.  If you have hosted a retreat in the past, you'll be hearing from us soon as we look forward to continue to assist you in your planning and programming for future retreats.

Don't forget to check the Retreats page of the website for information on future retreats in your area and all the exciting news as Retreats "reforms" to better serve you!

In Christ,
Rev. George F. Borghardt III
Higher Things Conferences Executive