Good News for People with Big Problems

World famous celebs! Big time world famous problems too! Lindsay Lohan, Life with the Kardashians, Wacko Jacko! TigerGate! The Man in Black! Are you like one or all of these world famous superstars? Well, are you? Of course you are! You have the same problems. But God has good news for you. We’ll explore what the Scriptures say about the big time problems that we share with these famous sinners and most of all the good news that God has for you. Along the way we’ll also watch some videos from these folks to illustrate the big-time problems as well as God’s bigger, big time solution – the good news of the gospel revealed in His Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Rev. Brent W. Kuhlman, S.T.M., is pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, Murdock, NE, a member of the board of directors for Higher Things, co-host of the radio program “Table Talk” heard in McCook, NE and St. Louis, MO, substitute bus driver, substitute teacher, part-time roofer, the husband to Robin and the parental unit of three.

When: January 13-14, 2012
Cost: $30/person ($25 for Saturday ONLY)
Where:Holy Cross Lutheran Church / 1100 Market Street / Carlisle, Iowa / (515) 989-3841
For more information contact: Pastor Kevin Johnson at
Sandra Ostapowich at - Higher Things Retreat Coordinator

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