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June 28th, 2006

Posted at 12:29am

Internet Services is proud to share with you a new page under our "About" section. This page includes a staff listing for Internet Services with some brief pictures and bio's of all the individuals who help to make the web site work. Please take the time out to take a look at this page and meet these wonderful people, whom without the web site simply would not work. Most of these people are volunteers, and the Higher Things Internet Services staff wants them, as well as you to know how much we really appreciate their time and outstanding work. Thank you!

June 24th, 2006

Posted at 1:20pm

As always, our life in worship together is the highlight of our conferences. The Feast promises to be no different!

On behalf of our worship committee, and especially Dr. Richard Stuckwisch, our worship chaplain, we are pleased to pass on to you an advance copy of a Liturgical Catechism that will be included in the service booklet at The Feast.

We thought that many of you might like to take the time to read it beforehand. Please feel free to share this with others as it is helpful.

You can download it at:

Fraternally in Christ,

Rev. Marcus Zill, The Feast
Conference Coordinator

June 24th, 2006

Posted at 12:42am

Dear Saints of God,

As we continue through the season of Holy Trinity, we are brought through the Apostles' Tide in the Higher Things Reflections by the Rev. Rick Sawyer. Pastor Sawyer serves Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and School in Brandon, MS.  You can meet Pastor Sawyer and the Vox Visuals crew at The Feast.   Be sure to catch his breakaway sectional at the Feast entitled “The Small Catechism: Daily Guidance for God's X-Men.”

The booklet for all of Apostle's Tide is available in pdf-format for download here.  You can receive the Higher Things Reflections in your e-mail box today! Subscribe by sending any e-mail to: You can find an RSS Feed and Podcast for the Higher Things Daily Reflections here.  Listening to podcasts requires iTunes.  Our Podcast is updated daily.

"O blest communion, fellowship divine, We feebly struggle, they in glory shine; Yet all are one in Thee, for all are Thine. Alleluia! Alleluia!" (TLH 463, 4)

In Christ,

The Rev. George F. Borghardt III
Internet Services Excutive
Higher Things, Inc.

June 23rd, 2006

Posted at 8:08am

Our first look at the HT-U Sectionals at the Feast is the HT-U Developement Breakaway....

Do you think Higher Things is the best thing that has happened in youth ministry in a long time?  Do you tell everyone you know about how great it is?  Are you interested in becoming more involved with Higher Things, but don't know how?  There are many great ways to serve Higher Things as a Regional Representative or a Development Volunteer!  Erika Preus, our new Development Coordinator, will be offering a breakaway sectional at The FEAST to discuss ways for you to become more involved. 

Didn't get into the Feast, but still interested?  Shoot her an email at, and she can tell you about some of the great opportunities and ways you can support Higher Things.

June 20th, 2006

Posted at 4:01pm

At Dare to be Lutheran, you told us that you wanted to know more about Higher Things.  Evaluation after evaluation was filled with , "Teach us to do youth ministry the HT-way."  Our response:  "Higher Things University (HT-U)." This select track of sectionals at The Feast is designed specifically for pastors, youth counselors, DCE's, lay leaders, and anyone interested in learning more about doing faithful Lutheran youth and college ministry.

At The Feast you will have the opportunity to learn more about Christian writing, doing youth ministry, starting campus ministry, running lock-ins and retreats, utilizing the internet, as well as getting involved with volunteering for development for Higher Things.   And as you would expect from HT, all these sectionals will be done the "Dare-to-be-Lutheran" way - centered on the delivery of Christ crucified to young people.

We have had so many questions about these topics, we decided to highlight some of these sectionals on the website.  The magazine has already highlighted the Writer's Workshop.  In the coming days, you will hear about the following topics:

HT-U:  Youth Ministry Unplugged
HT-U:  Retreats, Lock-ins, and the Web
HT-U:  Development
HT-U:  How to Start  A Campus Ministry (Just Add Water)

We are very excited to be offering these training sectionals!  We'll see you at the Feast!

In Christ,

Rev. George F. Borghardt III
The Feast - Catechesis Chair

June 19th, 2006

Posted at 2:06am

Meet the Lemons!  Congrats to Stan and Sara!  We love you guys!

Check out the sermon here...

In Christ,

Rev. George F. Borghardt III
Internet Services Executive

June 13th, 2006

Posted at 1:26pm

Are you a young Lutheran who enjoys the written word? Have you ever thought of writing for Higher Things magazine but just didn’t know where to start or what to write about? Do you sometimes even think it would be neat to be a full-time writer for the Church one day?

If writing is your thing, then be sure to attend the new three-session in-depth sectional at The Feast. Professional writer and editor Julie Stiegemeyer, along with editor Adriane Dorr, who both work for Higher Things magazine will teach you the basics of writing and editing. They'll help you better understand what it takes to be a Christian writer as well as what Higher Things is looking for in its authors. In other words, they'll explain what it takes to be a successful author and give you some helpful pointers to get you started.

Because this workshop will be broken up into three different parts, you will have a chance to do some hands-on editing of your own writing with the help of these editors! Before the conference, you’ll need to send a sample of something you’ve written that you’re interested in cleaning up and getting ready to submit for publication. To send in your writing or get more information, e-mail the writing guru herself at Get your pens and paper, and meet a couple of the editors of Higher Things magazine at The Feast!

June 10th, 2006

Posted at 10:35am

Dear everyone,

The waiting list period for The Feast has officially concluded.

We have simply reached the point where we have allowed all the groups in that we possibly can. We also don't want anyone to be left hanging any longer.

In short, the table is now officially set. Though we regret that it couldn't have been even more, we were pleased to be able to allow some 10-11 additional groups in to The Feast over the last couple of months.

We are thankful that so many of you chose to take advantage of the "Last Shall be First" offer. Whether you did or not, we hope to see you at a "FOR YOU" conference in 2007 in either Minneapolis, MN or Asheville, NC.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we have worked through this waiting list process together.


Pastor Zill
The Feast, Conference Coordinator

June 9th, 2006

Posted at 3:27am

We've seen conference attendees sitting around with pencils and pens, frantically deciding which sectionals to go to. 

"This one!" 

"No, this one!" 

"Oh, I wish I could go to both!" 

This year, Team Feast decided to release the Breakaway Sectionals extra early so that you would have more time to decide exactly which ones you'd like to attend.

Happy picking!

June 8th, 2006

Posted at 4:20am

Higher Things Internet Services is very pleased to introduce our new Discussion Content Manager, Kelly Klages.  Kelly, known as "Augsburg" on the Forums, has been given the task of monitoring all the content in the forums and the blogs on the Higher Things website.  Want to join in on the discussion? Check out our Forums and Blogs!

Kelly is wife of Pastor Alex Klages who serves two LC-C congregations in southern Manitoba -- Trinity Lutheran in Winkler and Zion Lutheran in Morden.

We are very excited to have Augsburg on our team!

In Christ,

Rev. George F. Borghardt III
Internet Services Executive
Higher Things, Inc
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