yourHT: For You MN, Day Four

by The Rev. Rich Heinz

The end of the conference is upon us, just as the end of the Harry Potter series has been released, and the end of the Star Wars trilogies has come and gone. Yet, even as the Lord’s earthly pilgrimage is also over, He continues to come FOR YOU. Now, we hear a foretaste of next year’s conference, and I can’t wait! 

This morning, instead of Matins, we prayed a service of corporate confession. Pastor Dan Feusse gave the sermon. Once again, beautiful, invigorating, and decidedly Lutheran – both the sermon and the liturgy. 

I went in and reminded the first plenary what the newest tab on their homepage should be: myHT! Today was the day for my breakaway on writing for myHT. I was hoping for a bit stronger attendance in my sectional, but I know that writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. I also know that there are too many great choices for sectionals in every time slot! HT conferences have a habit of lining up amazing speakers and topics that make it quite difficult to choose!

This final day did not have as much time for play, but that’s okay. I think that many have stayed up pretty late and visited with their long-distance friends that they might not see until next summer’s conference. Which brings us to the big announcement!

At Divine Service the Pastor gives you Jesus’ Body and Blood and says: “For you!” How do you respond? “Amen!”

Amen is the theme for the 2008 HT conferences. God gives. We receive. He proclaims. We respond: AMEN!

Amen will be held at St. Louis, MO and in Pennsylvania. I can tell you already that I’m planning on going – and this time I’m bringing my family. If you missed For You this year, be sure not to miss out on the great fun, the tremendous teaching, and the heavenly liturgies of “Amen!” 

For You closed with a beautiful Divine Service. Once again, amazing music, powerful preaching, and the Lord giving His Holy Gifts made this an incredible experience! Pastor Klemet Preus reminded us of our mother – the Bride of Christ – His Holy Church. After an awe-inspiring Divine Service, I had to rush to the airport, chauffeured by the mother of Nathan and Kelsey Fischer. 

As I resume daily life at home, I enjoy resuming my normal vocations: husband, father, parish pastor, etc. It certainly is good to be home! But I can tell you, it certainly is good to anticipate bringing my wife and son next year to share in the amazing experience of a Higher Things conference! 

Rev. Rich Heinz is Senior Pastor of St. John’s Ev. Lutheran Church & School in Lanesville, IN. He is the editor of myHT, and a first time participant and breakout speaker for a Higher Things conference.

Created: July 30th, 2007