HT-Wake & HT-Afterglow

by The Rev. George F. Borghardt

It's the HT-wake or HT-afterglow. It goes like this...

The Lord takes His Word and flings it haphazardly at 2200 kids and their counselors. He gives them the FOR YOU delivering faith where and when He pleases in those who hear the Gospel (AC V).

The Lord splashes the youth with His Words and promises and their pastors get caught in the wake of His splashing. Into their ears goes forgiveness, into our ears goes forgiveness too. Joy into their lives, joys into our lives too. Light in darkness for them. Light in darkness for us.

It's not why we do what we do, the Lord does what He does through us for the sake of the youth. But, as He's flinging seeds around and they are bouncing off walls, they even land into our ears.

Or the light goes on in a youth's mind. “Pastor, that's just what I learned in confirmation. Pastor, that's the same Gospel that you taught me. That's just what you preached!” You get it. We sees you get it. Talk about sharing all things with the one who instructed you!

And for a moment, no one is complaining that someone looked at them funny in church. For a second, no one is trying to remove us because we said their son's name wrong in the prayers. No one is asking us to commune their pentecostal uncle who really loves Jesus but doesn't believe that Jesus actually gives His Body to eat and His Blood to drink in the Sacrament.

Is it the theology of glory? No, the Light of the World shines so brightly that His light reflects off the faces of the kids and our eyes even see it. It's like a cup of water for the least of these dear little ones...

Is it dangerous? Sure. There's always danger when we sinners do our thing. Oh how wonderfully popular I have become! Look at me! Praise me!

But it's not about me, is it? Never was. Always Christ crucified for them. In the wake of His love for them delivered in the Word and Sacraments, even pastors go home changed.

It's the HT-wake or HT-afterglow. From Christ to the kids and then to their pastors. You can see it on the face of your pastor who is smiling a bit more than he did before the conference. INI. Amen.


myHT thanks the Femlems for the use of the photo of the new Conferences Executive (Pastor Borghardt) receiving a heavenly massage!

The Rev. George F. Borghardt III is the assistant/youth pastor of St. Mark Lutheran Church in Conroe, TX.  Pastor Borghardt is also the former Internet Services Executive for Higher Things, now enjoying (too much?) his new post as HT Conferences Executive.

Created: August 9th, 2007