Winter 2017

Winter 2017
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Bundle up by the fire and get through the remaining weeks of winter with the latest issue of Higher Things Magazine!  From cover to cover, you’ll find articles that consistently turn your eyes toward the Cross—that remind you where God’s love for you can always be found: in water, Word, Body and Blood, whether you are smack dab in the pew at Divine Service or in the quiet of your bedroom wondering where God could possibly be. 

Down from the Mountain

It’s in our nature to seek out mountaintop experiences, and while such times can be a blessing, Rev. Borghardt explains via the story of Jesus’ Transfiguration that His first love is to be with us and among us below the clouds as we navigate the stuff of life.

Jesus Hits the Spot

Through Luke’s account of Jesus healing of the 10 lepers, Rev. Fenker affirms that no matter what spot you may find yourself in, Jesus is there, for YOU.

Metaphors, Grammar, and Scripture, Oh My!

The words we read in the Scriptures are not there by accident. As Rev. Schuldheisz demonstrates, God has masterfully used particular language choices to share His Good News.

Thank God We Are Beggars

Does being beggars in relation to the God of the universe mean He just expects us to deal with whatever lot we are given? By no means! Rev. Goodman reminds us that it is all about to WHOM we are begging—an abundantly gracious God who has given us everything we need, and more, through Jesus Christ.

Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

In a world that constantly pulls our eyes toward false christs, Rev. Richard returns our focus to the true Jesus and directs us where He is to be found—in water, Word, Body and Blood for salvation and the forgiveness of our sins.

He Is Always There

Times of struggle are inevitable in this life. Sometimes we feel desperately alone. Erica’s personal account of God working in her life will encourage you to remember God’s faithful, constant presence through His Word and Sacraments.

“Pray Then Like This…”

Whether you’re at a loss for words when praying, distracted when you do pray or even think your prayer time isn’t a struggle, Katie makes the case that tools like the Lutheran Book of Prayer help to stimulate and maintain a joyful and rich prayer life.

Catechism: Invocation

Let’s start at the very beginning…of the Divine Service liturgy, that is! Rev. Cwirla gets the ball rolling with the liturgy/catechism connection by examining the very first words we hear in church on a Sunday morning.