Winter 2016

Winter 2016
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Lent: Jesus' Resolution for You

Lent: A great time to recycle your failed New Year's resolutions, right? Not so much. Rev. Borghardt will help you get to the heart of the reason for the season of Lent!

Shaming the Shamers

We've all seen the FB posts expressing outrage-veiled or overt-about how so-and-so did such-and-such. Maybe we've made a few posts like that ourselves...c'mon...admit it! Rev. Buetow explains how, in in Christ, we are rescued from wallowing in the shame of others.

The Gospel According to St. Lucasfilm: I Have a Bad Feeling About This

In light of the phenomenal success of The Force Awakens, HT's resident Star Wars aficionado, Rev. Heinz, makes the case that it's the perfect time to look at the Gospel connections that run throughout this enduring science fiction saga.

So Turn into a Dinosaur

"All things are possible for those who believe!" Nowadays, these words of Jesus are on tee-shirts, posters, and the occasional "inspirational" meme. Without any context, this declaration is a sobering reminder that we fall miserably short in our belief. Rev. Goodman demonstrates that Jesus' words are only truly understood in light of His fulfilling the Law on our behalf.

Apologists Every Christian Should Know, Part 6 The Studious Sleuthing of Lee Strobel: Why the Gospels Are Historically Reliable

Once again, Rev. Pierson brings to the table a Christian apologist with impressive credentials: Lee Strobel. Learn how Strobel's personal journey to disprove the Scriptures revealed far more evidence about the reliability of the Gospels than he ever imagined.

The Bright Light of Jesus

The victim of a vicious sexual assault, Amber reminds us how God's mercy and grace can redeem even the darkest of days and that it is through Christ's righteousness that we-His Bride, the church-are presented to the Father, pure and spotless, and continue to live in this life by His grace.

Tasting God's Goodness

Bethany relates how we worship a God who comes to us via our senses. From water, Word, Body and Blood, Jesus keeps His promise to be with us until the very end of the us a delightful taste of the heavenly feast to come!

Living in Light of Our Justification

Pietism, a misplaced emphasis on Christian living as the proof of our salvation, is an -ism that we all have to fight against, whether we realize it or not. Hayden shows us that the only way to shake off the doubt it can create is to keep our eyes on the Cross and partake of Christ's gifts, for they are outside of us.

Catechism: The Fourth Commandment

This first commandment with a promise reflects how our God of order loves us and wants what's best for us in this life. Although we struggle with and may even rebel against those authorities He has placed over us, we can trust in Christ's perfect obedience to His Father in our stead.