Winter 2011

Winter 2011
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Christmas in the Nicene Creed

A creed, by definition, is a statement of belief, but did you know that the Nicene Creed is also a wonderful summary of the heart of the Christmas story? Rev. Borghardt enthusiastically takes you on a grand tour of this ancient creed that we so often recite but perhaps, at times, take for granted.

Joy: The Serious Business of Narnia

Just when you thought you'd discovered all the layers of the Chronicles of Narnia, Rev. Schuldheisz delights us with yet another rich facet of C.S. Lewis' timeless fantasy series: joy.

Talking to Your Non-Lutheran Friends about Jesus

Communion. Liturgy. Infant baptism. Sign of the Cross. The list goes on and on. If you haven't wrestled through topics like these with you non-Lutheran buds, you will eventually. Be more prepared by reading Rev. Buetow's wise and very clear counsel so that you can confidently bring it all back to Jesus!

Confessions of a Former Evangelical

Tamara provides a special perspective as a Lutheran as one who converted as an adult. Lifelong Lutherans will be encouraged to remember how blessed they are and converts will be able to relate to and appreciate her journey. No matter what, gratitude will abound.

In, Not Of

Life is a balancing act in so many ways. One tension we Christians find ourselves caught up in is being "in" but not "of" the world. This pendulum can swing too far in either direction, leading either to an unbiblical separation from the world, or a disregard for who we are in Christ. Scott gives us some instruction in spiritual "physics," and provides some helpful tips as we walk this fine line.

The Thing About Mary

As Lutherans, we recognize that it's okay to give Mary the honor she deserves, yet we understand that she, too, needed a Savior as much as we do. Sandra expounds on Mary's response to what God blessed her with, showing how this young girl, the mother of our Lord, was an exceptional example of faith and trust, by the grace of God, even when faced with very unusual circumstances.


Higher Things Magazine is now including poetry in our lineup. We hope to make this an occasional feature of the magazine, and invite you to enjoy two well-crafted entries.

Christ on Campus: Let's Get Started!

Rev. Zill gives a step-by-step game plan to launch a college campus ministry. Whether you are a student, pastor, r your average church attendee, his advice can put you well on your way to help serve this increasing need for our Lutheran College students across the country.

When a Loved One Commits Suicide

Few acts are more profoundly devastating for those left behind than when a loved one ends his or her life. Rev. Preus plainly, but gently, grapples with this heart-wrenching topic, reminding us of where our hope ultimately lies.

Planking or Cross Beaming?

In our social networking culture, even the most quirky, pointless maneuvers can become the latest greatest fads. Planking is no exception. Rev. Hoppe gives this popular phenomenon a bit of a Gospel twist that just might lead you to start a relevant trend of your own.

Catechism: Thy Kingdom Come

Jesus is our King of Kings, so when we pray the petition in the Lord's Prayer, "Thy Kingdom come," what are we really asking for? Rev. Cwirla artfully answers that question by taking you on a whirlwind trip to the four corners of Christ's kingdom.

Bible Study: Talking to Your Non-Lutheran Friends About Jesus

Here is a sample of one of our student Bible studies that links up with Rev. Buetow's article on Page 8.