Winter 2007

Winter 2007
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Clothed in Christ--Free in Chist

Some religions teat girls with far less respect than they deserve. But how does our Lord view women? How does He encourage them to live? What does he do for them? To see how Christ is at work for girls (and boys too), read Deaconess Carder's article.
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Do you eve feel alone in a crowd? Or like you don't fit in? O that there's no one to sit with at lunch? No worries. You're not alone. You've got the whole magazine staff! Um, we mean that your heavenly Father loves you, and His opinion of you is far more important than what the cheerleaders think. If you're still not convinced, Dr. Scaer just might change you mind.


It's a touchy subject, that dating. And not only is it confusing and difficult, but to make matter worse, no one seems to have any conclusive answers, Is there even a golden rule for dating? Check out Bethany Smith's article for a little clarification.
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Forgiving the Unforgivable

Forgiveness isn't vey easy. It's much more fun to hold our grudges and our hurt feelings. But thankfully, our Lord doesn't act like us. He forgives us even though we have sinned and don't deserve it. So if you need a little reminder that Jesus' death on the cross is your forgiveness this is the article for you

Broken Homes

Growing up in a broken home is hard, but far too many teenagers today are doing just that. How do you deal with separated parents? Is thee any reassurance that things will get better? If you need answers, Pastor Pauls shows just where you can find them in God's Word
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Islam 101

How much do you know about Islam? Is it the world's fastest-growing religion? Is Allah just another name for God? Will mankind abandon the madness of cheap sandwich bags? Oh, wait. Wrong article. Anyway, Dr. Francisco's written up a little refresher course for you on this dangerous religion.

Free State: Lutheranism, Political Liberty, and the U.S. Constitution

You probably didn't hear this in you U.S. History class during freshman year (you weren't sleeping where you?), but the Lutheran Reformation played a vital role in the formation of America's Constitution. Don't believe us? Dr. Veith has done the research for you already, and you won't even have to buy the textbook.

The Christmas Gift of Parents

Ugh. Parents can be so annoying. They're old fashioned, they don't understand you, and they're always trying to run your life. Why don't thy just give it up already? Wait, What? Could it possibly be that God has given you parents because they're good for you? Pastor Peperkorn has an insight that you just might find helpful.

Christ on Campus

Remember those kids running around in green T-shirts at the Higher Things conferences? Those were Christ on Campus Volunteers (CCVs). If you've ever wondered about the secret life of CCVs, what they do, and how they got the job, Karl Houser gives you an inside look.

The Football Star, Part 2

The policeman has finished his report. The doctor has sent Kathy home from the hospital. Now is the time for reflection, both from Kathy and the one who was sent to keep her safe.

Friends in Heaven

Sometimes it's hard to imagine what heaven will be like. Will you know who your grandma is? Will you still have brown hair? Will you be able to crack jokes? Will the magazine staff still be misfits? Pastor Petersen has some reassurance for you. So, don't worry. You will still be you in heaven.
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