Summer 2006

Summer 2006
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Dare to be Lutheran, Dare to be Simple

Are you tempted by all the shiny, enticing things other denominations have to offer? Pinch yourself to see if you’re still alive, and then read Pastor Pauls’ article on why Lutheran worship centers around Christ crucified and why that message is all for you.

Open Book, Open Mind

Before you plop down to watch TV, consider picking up a book first.To find out why Christians need to engage their brain, read on!

A Bunch of Do-Do

Doo-doo has a nasty smell, but what does that have to do with “doing”good works? Pastor Donofrio clues us in on why we are completely dependent on Christ for our salvation.

It's Complicated with Facebook

Are you addicted to MySpace? Is your relationship with Facebook a little too serious? Check out Tyler Williams’ article about online social networks, and discover their advantages and disadvantages.

People are Like Sponges

What do sinners have in common with dry, useless sponges? Read Zack Stuckwisch’s discussion of our sin, God’s forgiveness, and the blessings of Baptism to find out.

Myths About Faith

Pastor Rottmann debunks some well-known myths about faith and explains what faith really is and why it matters.

Pastor, I Heard God Speak to Me

Has God spoken to you lately? Does He still speak audibly to us like He did to Adam and Eve? Pastor Borghardt explains where God speaks to you today.

Is it A Sin if I Don't Get Caught?

What if you consider cheating but don’t do it? Or what if you actually do cheat, but no one catches you? Was it still wrong? Pastor Harris gives us the lowdown on sin and its consequences.

Blurbs from the Blogs

We've compiled a sampling of some notable blurbs from the Higher Things blogs. Check them out and read more online at

Letters to the Editor

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Confessing Christ on Campus since 1517

Most colleges and universities today are known for being unfriendly to Christians. In this new column, Pastor Zill explores ideas about how you can help restore a Lutheran presence on these campuses.

Catechism: A Quick Fast

What? Put down my granola bar and fast before the Lord’s Supper? Are you crazy? Read Pastor Petersen’s article on why proper preparation before Holy Communion is so beneficial.

Pulse: 24

Who is the superhero on Superman's lunchbox? Jack Bauer of 24, of course! Tune in to learn more about one of the season's hottest TV shows.

Mining the Riches: Flood of Grace

Our Lord brings us from death to life through Baptism. Pastor Day’s commentary explains how God uses simple means like water to do His life-saving work.

Sloppy Fries for Sloppy Lives

Some days it seems that life just isn’t fair. Kathy Luder had one of those days, and she shares a personal story about resentment, forgiveness, and lunch ladies.