Summer 2003

Summer 2003
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The Catechism: Peering into the Future


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Ex Cathedra

Need some counsel on life, love and faith? Check out this issue's insanely fabulous advice.
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Anchors Aweigh!

Sailing on uncharted waters to college this fall? Prepare for the journey with some advice from a campus pastor.
tags: college

Never a Dull Moment

What is college life really like? Rick Baue does undercover work to find the skinny on what college students do in their free time.
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Choosing a College: What Are Your Priorities?

Which college to attend can be a life-changing decision. Instead of relying on glossy flyers from the admissions office, search for a great congregation where your faith can be nourished during college years.

Living in Christ on Campus

College years are not a time to put your Christian life in storage but instead can be time for growth in the knowledge of Jesus.

War Is Hell

The common phrase "war is hell" describes the horror of the battlefield. But is war as bad as hell gets?
tags: hell, war

God Armeth the Patriot

Does God give special blessings to war heros? A Scottish hero's story helps us ponder faith and patriotism.

Role-Playing in the Heavenlies: How Giving Up Dungeons and Dragons Turned Me into a Nerd

Are demons lurking behind role-playing games? Rev. Daniel Woodring reflects on spiritual warfare and the victory of the conquering Christ.

What I Thought I Knew

An ex-Mormon describes the lure of the cults and the saving grace of Jesus Christ for those who stray.

The World of Cults and the Occult

What are the marks of a cult? What are different types of occult practices? Rev. Larry Nichols defines the basics, while focusing on God's Word for direction.
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