Spring 2010

Spring 2010
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Reality TV

The Bachelor Jake picked Vienna instead of Tenley? Ugh. He’s so unbelievable! Wait. Back up the train. Reality TV . . . isn’t. Most often, it’s based on short clips that don’t tell the whole story. But Pastor Chryst knows the reality of what Jesus does for us: He frames our thinking about all of reality, even reality TV. He’s our God, and we are His people. Really.


Do thoughts of Friday the 13th make you shudder? Do you stay in bed that day to avoid mirrors and black cats? If so, call the doctor! You have a severe case of triskaidekaphobia, the fear of the number 13. But there’s a sure cure for this disorder: a healthy dose of the Gospel! Pastor Leistico is here to remind you of the blessings, not luck or four-leaf clovers, that are yours in Christ.

Last Easter I was Robbed

Wander into an unfamiliar church on Easter morning, and you may hear phrases like,“We hear the voice of Christ in the stillness of a clear night, in the way our friends call our name, and in a song that brings tears to our eyes.” Say what? Mrs. Dann was robbed of the Gospel last Easter, but this year, she’s not leaving church until she hears about Jesus’ death and resurrection for her and for you!

Mining the Riches: Feasting with Our Lord

The Feast of the Passover. Unleavened bread. Male lambs. Bitter herbs. What is it with all this feast talk anyway? Pastor Messer fills you in on what this event meant for Christians in the early church and the significance of it for you today.

Rescue from Death

Most baptisms take place in a church with sponsors, a baptismal shell, and a beautiful white gown. Mr. Coats, however, performed an emergency baptism to the victim of a random shooting on the streets of Baltimore. Whether in church or in the gutter, we rejoice that Christ’s gift of life and salvation through baptism puts death to death.

Looking Forward

Admit it. Some Sundays it’s awfully hard to pull yourself out of bed and go to church. You already know what you’re going to hear and see and sing. Why should you have to go again? Dcs. Mumme has a different perspective on the Divine Service, and she’s anxious to help you see why the delivery of our Lord’s gifts is a great reason not to hit the Snooze button. Again.

I Believe God Has Made Me and All Creatures

Most heresies are pretty obvious, right? Buddha, Muhammed, Tom Cruise jumping on couches . . . those are fairly noticeable. But what about Gnosticism, that sneaky little lie that says anything that is fleshly or material in creation is a mistake? If you’ve heard this popular buzzword, check out Pastor Serina’s article. Christ has redeemed creation, and you are no mistake!

Free to Offend

Christians know all about political correctness. We’re not supposed to use the words sinners, unbelievers, or hell. And having a discussion with someone about your faith? Fuggedaboutit! Pastor Graams wants you to know that Christ has forgiven your sins and set you free, and that gives you all the freedom in the world to speak God’s truth in love!

A Church Full of Young People

On Sunday morning, you have to fight your little brother for the bathroom. And the front seat. And the last donut. But what if, when Sunday rolled around, you had to dodge bullets, rocks, and police to get to church? Many of your fellow Christians across the globe are in danger, and Pastor Pauls tells you why getting to church is worth risking their life for.

Good Things When Life Isn't Good

When life hands Pastor Borghardt lemons, he drinks a Diet Coke. Wait . . . huh? As Christians, we know that God is good. But what do we do when it doesn’t seem like it? God is, right now, working all things for your good, and we don’t want you to forget it.

Piety and Pietism: Can a Christian Listen to Secular Music

One of your friends asks,“Do you have any music we can listen to?”“Sure!” you say.“My CDs are over next to the stereo. The Beatles, Bon Jovi, CCR . . . take your pick.”Your friend says,“But don’t you have any Christian music?” Uh oh. Does this make you an impious Christian? Mr. McKinley sets the record straight on the difference between piety and pietism and whether or not Christians can listen to music that isn’t straight out of the LSB.

It Is Time to Go to Confession

Gulp. Who? Me, confess? Going to private confession can be scary. After all, you’re talking with your pastor about your sin, and that can be painful, and, well, awkward. Pastor Petersen has heard confession a time or two, and he wants you to know that Christ uses the words of absolution spoken from your pastor to forgive your sins, and that’s not scary at all.