Fall 2015

Fall 2015
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On Second Thought

Higher Things addresses concerns about the summer issue article "A Bruised Reed He Will Not Break."

Law and Gospel in Worship

We often think worship is about what we offer to God and indeed we do have something to offer Him: our sins. In return, we receive the glorious gift of Jesus in Word, water, Body and Blood, for which, declares Rev. Borghardt, we get to respond to God with praise for the sake of our neighbor!

Just Shut Up and Die!

Death is a brutal reality. It is inescapable because we are slaves to the power of sin. But, as Rev. Riley reassures us, we are baptized children of God, and so we are raised daily in the waters of our Baptism. We can tell our Old Adam where to go because death is not the end.

Te Deum 2015: What Did It Mean?

After her inaugural experience of being a College Conference Volunteer, Monica enthusiastically takes us on a tour of how a Higher Things conference helps to strengthen faith and equip youth.

Apologists Every Christian Should Know, Part 5 The Masterful Mind of John Warwick Montgomery: Why You Can Know the Truth

Rev. Pierson explains how the arguments and writings of John Warwick Montgomery will help you stand up and fight the truth decay that is saturating our culture.

Te Deum Photo Retrospective!

Whether you attended a conference last summer or not, you'll get a definite flavor of what the experience was like. Can you find yourself in these pictures?


Slaying the Monster of Uncertainty

Rev. Richard offers great insight into the origin of that monster who likes to terrorize us with claims that we can't really know we are saved and he reminds us Who the mighty Slayer of that monster is.

MARVEL Movies and the Creed: Defend, Guard, Protect and Avenge

You know the Apostles' Creed word for word, right? You might have even memorized some of the dialogue from your favorite MARVEL movie as well. Yes, there's a connection. Movie reviewer Rev. Giese gives us a look into how the Creed can be used as a jumping off point to evaluate movies, books and art of all kinds.

Catechism: The Third Commandment

So how is the Sabbath made holy? It's far more than observing a day of rest from work, it's about a person: Jesus Christ, and the rest we find in Him and in His restful Word.

Bible Study: Why You Can Know the Truth

Be sure to check out this sample of one of our student Bible studies which links up with Rev. Pierson's article on P. 12.