Fall 2006

Fall 2006
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Honor Thy Pastor

Get a load of this. The catechism says you're supposed to honor your pastor! Are you surprised? amazed? intrigued? To find a few good ways to show him that you appreciate what he does, start by reading Pastor Petersen's article.
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Enemies to Love

With school back in full swing, teachers and students are bound to butt heads. Our very own Kathy Luder already has, and she shares her story of frustration, fury, and forgiveness - all over homework.
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Myths about Confession and Absolution

Do you think that Confession only takes place in a dark booth? Or that your pastor tells your parents every sin you just confessed to him in confidence? Pastor Kuhlmann sets the record straight about what really goes on during Confession and Absolution.
Pastor Kuhlmann will be the Law and Gospel catechist at the North Carolina "For You" conference.

Confessing Christ on Campus

College is more than just homework, late nights, and bad cafeteria food. It's also an opportunity to discuss Jesus with those who haven't heard of Him. For tips on how to start conversations about Christ, read Pastor Roberts' article.

Pulse: Jesus in the Movies

There's been a lot about Jesus in the media lately. From movies to books, He's popping up everywhere. But can you trust what the secular world teaches about Him? Read Pastor Borghardt's article to find out what the media has right about Jesus and what it's got really wrong.

Mining the Riches: He Rides!

Why did Jesus allow Himself to be crucified? How could He love those who despised, rejected, and killed Him? And why are the suffering, death, and resurrection so important to us as Lutherans? Check out Pastor Day's article for those answers and more.

News and Notes

"For You" Poster

"For You" Conference Information

What's Love Got to Do with It?

How does God make His love known to us? Pastor Stiegemeyer contemplates this question as he writes about Valentine's Day, warm fuzzies, and what love's got to do with it.

The Feast Collage

Another Higher Things conference has come and gone. Summer is over. School has resumed. Homework is never ending. The future looks bleak. But cheer up, because we've got tons of pictures and quotes from The Feast!

Higher Things Magazine Five-Year Birthday Tribute

Higher Things magazine just turned five years old! From the very first staff members to the best-loved articles, we're giving you the finest highlights of your favorite magazine.
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Dare to Be Lutheran: Nice Isn't Enough

Life is all about loving Jesus, right? The sweet, kind, polite Jesus who thinks you're great no matter what? Before answering, read Pastor Wilken's article about how Jesus' death on the cross is more and better than just nice.
Pastor Wilken will be the catechist on Law and Gospel at the Minnesota "For You" conference.

Save the Whales

Animals may be cute and fun, but have you ever considered their place in God's creation? And why did He give us charge over them? If you like animals, Pastor Pauls' article on creation, stewardship, and nature is for you.
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