Fall 2004

Fall 2004
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Tell What Jesus Did

How do you communicate the message of the Gospel of Christ? What does the Bible say about the way we speak the Good News? Test your knowledge with this informative article.

The god of the City

Graffiti on a concrete wall becomes a sermon for the religion of the 21st century: you are god. Read on to see just how pervasive this belief truly is.

Flowers for Andy

Kathy's best friend comes face-to-face with grief and tragedy. How will Kathy help her friend through this ordeal?

A Family Feast

A grassroots Higher Things retreat leaves this 17-year-old writer reflecting on fun, feasts, and the best Supper of all.

Not Nearly Enough

We all have friends from different Christian traditions. How exactly are Lutherans different?

A Fourfold Hallelujah!

This poetic sermon sweeps us into the hallelujahs of Revelation 19.

Highlights from the City of God Conference in Seattle, Washington

Letters to the Editor

MINING THE RICHES: Cutting to the Heart of the Matter

Pulse: Comic Books

Ex Cathedra

Am I a racist? Can a Christian be a vegetarian? Is it normal for an 18-year-old girl to be boyfriend-free? Check out the latest advice in this issue's column.

The Catechism: Vocation: The Great Promise

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