Registration Instructions

To be responsible stewards of our resources (and yours), Higher Things is once again providing fully online conference registration! Registering online for a Higher Things conference may seem a little intimidating at first, but it saves printing and postage costs, minimizes data entry mistakes, and is the quickest and easiest way to register your group.

Regarding Deposits and Balances

Non-refundable deposits of $100 per person may be made at any point during the Registration period to ensure your Group’s admission to a conference should it reach capacity. In other words, if the maximum number of people begin the registration process for a given conference, those who have paid deposits will be given priority over those who have not paid deposits, regardless of the date they began the process. Deposits will only be refunded for a cancellation if there is a waiting list for that conference at the time of the cancellation.

Please remember that per-person rates are determined by the date your group’s Registration fees are paid in full. Checks mailed to Higher Things will be processed according to postmark date. Unpaid balances and new registrations on or after May 1 will be charged an additional late fee of $25/person ($410/person total). An additional fee of $25 will apply for substitutions made on or after May 1. All payments must be made in U.S. funds.

Pre-Registration Steps

  1. Distribute Individual Registration Forms to all youth and adults attending the Conference with your group.
  2. Set a date when completed Individual Registration Forms and deposits must be returned to the Group Leader. Each registrant must fill out an Individual Registration Form and have it signed by a parent (if applicable), the Group Leader, and your church’s Pastor. Please use the information in the completed forms to register your group online and keep the completed form for your records. This form will also serve as permission for minors to travel with the group out of state for the purposes of attending a Higher Things conference.
  3. Fill out the Online Registration Worksheet with the information from the Individual Registration Forms. Having this worksheet completed when you register online will simplify the data entry process for online registration, and make it easier to confirm that the entered information is accurate. DO NOT mail forms to Higher Things. Doing so will delay the completion of your group’s registration. Please register your group online.

How to Register Online

  1. Login to your group’s HT Account: If your group does not yet have an HT Account for online registration, please create an account for your group in the Conference Registration section of the Higher Things website ( Your group’s registration and payments cannot be processed until this very important step has been completed.

    If your church already has an HT Account set up, but you can’t remember your username and/or password, go to and follow the instructions to reset your password.
  2. Go to and click on the link that says, “Click here to register for the Sanctified conferences!” Login with the username and password for your group, and select the conference location you will be attending.
  3. Fill in all the boxes using the Online Registration Worksheet and the information for each registrant using the Individual Registration Form.
  4. When done entering each registrant’s information, click on the “Save” button at the end of the form. The window will display the important policies you agree to in registering an individual. You must scroll through the window, read these policies in their entirety, and confirm that you have read the policies and that you have obtained the necessary signatures for each Individual Registration Form in order to officially complete each person’s entry. 

    Please retain the completed forms for your records.
    DO NOT mail forms to Higher Things.
  5. The group’s running balance, as well as the deposit amount due, will be displayed for verification.
  6. Repeat the above steps until each person in your group is registered. ALL adults, youth, children, and infants must be registered in order to attend the conference. After entering the data for reach registrant, review the information on the Confirmation Page.
  7. Identify the Group Leader by clicking on the circle next to the appropriate registered adult., making sure that a working email address is in the adult’s registration. Each congregation must designate one registered adult as their Group Leader. Group registration confirmation, housing, account balance, and all other Conference communications will be sent to this individual via e-mail.
  8. You may now pay your Group’s deposit and/or balance immediately online via credit card (with no processing fees) or you may mail a check to Higher Things. When your Group’s deposit funds have been received and processed, you will be considered registered or placed into the waiting list for that conference, if applicable. Please do not send checks via express mail as this actually slows down the process to get your Group approved!