Housing Policies

For the protection of the youth attendees, young adults, chaperones, and the Higher Things organization, the following policies will be observed and govern how Higher Things assigns housing to registrants at a Conference.

  1. Sex-Specific Units
    1. Participants will be housed in sex-specific units. A unit may be defined by Higher Things Conferences as a single room, suite of rooms, a wing, a floor, or a building, depending upon the facilities available.
    2. Spouses MAY NOT be housed together. Each adult/chaperone will be housed in sex-distinctive units near the YOUTH in his/her charge.
  2. Age-Specific Rooms
    1. Young Adults (ages 18-20) and adults/chaperones (21+) will not be assigned housing in the same room with any minors unless there is an immediate familial relationship between the youth and adult, AND both persons are of the same gender. An immediate familial relationship is defined as a parent or legal guardian and his/her child(ren).
    2. When apartment-style facilities are utilized, adults/chaperones may be assigned to the same unit as their group’s youth (of the same sex), but adults will not be assigned to share sleeping quarters with youth unless there is an immediate familial relationship (as defined above).
  3. Room and Roommate Assignments
    1. All double-capacity rooms must be fully occupied.
    2. Conference attendees should expect to be housed with at least one roommate, unless they request a private room by May 1, and appropriate fees are paid. Those requesting private rooms will be charged additional fees of $35/room/night.
    3. The number of single-sex participants in a group may not correspond exactly to the capacities of the rooms available, so it may be necessary for Higher Things to assign attendees from different group to share a room, but roommates will always be from the same gender and age categories.
    4. Every effort will be made to house conference attendees with their preferred roommate. However, these preferences cannot be guaranteed. Roommate preferences must be entered into each registration by May 1.
    5. Roommates are assigned according to the specific guidelines of this Housing Policy, therefore Higher Things cannot permit the rearranging of roommates on site by individuals or groups without coordinating directly with the Housing Coordinator for that Conference.
  4. Additional Charges

Charges incurred by Higher Things due to the conduct of an individual registrant or group at a conference will be billed to the group represented by said individual or group.

Such expenses may include, but are not limited to: replacement of lost keys, replacement of lost meal cards, vandalism, other damages, and fees involved with setting off a fire/emergency alarm, etc. The Registrar will contact group leaders regarding these additional charges upon receipt of notification from the campus following the Conference.

  1. Quiet Hours/Visitation Hours

Common areas are available in all residence halls for fellowship, conversation, and recreation. No one should be in the sleeping quarters of the opposite sex at any time. Quiet and visitation hours as posted by residence hall and/or Higher Things must be enforced by the chaperones staying in that resident hall.

  1. Child Protection Policies

Higher Things accepts no responsibility for the enforcement of individual congregational child protection policies. It is the responsibility of the group leader to know and enforce his/her specific congregational child protection policies if there are additional restrictions not addressed by the Higher Things Housing Policy.

All adults/chaperones registered to attend a Higher Things conference must also pass a national criminal and sexual predator background check by May 1 of the Conference calendar year. See REGISTRATION POLICIES for additional information regarding background checks.